5 Best PPD “Pay Per Download” 2017


WHAT IS PPD (Pay Per Download)?

Before going into the discussion about best PPD (Pay Per Download) websites without survey 2017. First, you have to know what is PPD. So basically, PPD is pay per download as you know and it means you will be paid when your uploaded file is downloaded by other users. You can earn money by sharing the link to your uploaded file into social media sites like Facebook or you can also share it on your website or blog.

The PPD websites are divided into two types based on their earnings.

The website with survey and have high revenue per download and the website which don’t have a survey and have less revenue. I suggest you, to use PPD websites without survey, I know it has less revenue than PPD websites with the survey but on this website, your user will face an annoying survey and It’s bad for your website reputation. So I suggest you, to use Best PPD(pay per download) websites without survey.


Many bloggers use Google ad on their website and earn through it. But the Google ad earning is not enough, that’s why they use PPD(pay per download) websites to increase the earning of their websites or blog. You’ll get paid for every single download of your uploaded file. It’s a great way to generate money from your visitors. You can upload any type of files such as videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles.

The rate of per 1000 download and minimum payout varies website to website and several features facility such as Referal program, PPS (pay per sale) etc.  also provided by some of the websites. After evaluating many websites, here I am presenting the best and top PPD (Pay Per Download) sites.

  1. www.uploadocean.com

2. www.userscloud.com

3. www.file-upload.com

4. www.dailyuploads.net

5. www.uploads.to