How to Reset Windows 10 Password Without OS Disk


Using Super Administrator Account

1. Turn on your computer and wait until the welcome screen appears.

2. Now press Shift key five times to activate the super administrator account.

3. A new administrator account will appear in the middle of the screen, and you can click on it once to get into your computer.

4. Go to control panel followed by user profiles and change the password of your current account.

5. Save the changes and reboot your computer.

6. Now click on your main username account and use the new password to get into your system.

That’s all; you have now successfully done with resetting the password of your computer.

Note: This method is pointless if you didn’t set up a SAC account before getting locked out.

Reset Windows 10 Password using UUkeys Windows Password Mate

If you never setup a super administrator account or guest account on your computer, then no problem since this method requires no additional account or password to remember to reset your password. We will be using external third party software that will completely remove the password from the welcome screen and will let you log in without entering any password at all.

1. Download UUkeys Password Mate

2. install UUkeys program from a different working computer with administrator rights since you cannot use your own computer right now.

3. Launch the program and insert a blank USB flash drive or an empty CD/DVD to the computer to start making a bootable password reset disk.

4. Select the flash drive name from the drop-down menu and click on “Burn USB” to start transferring the files from UUkeys to the flash drive.

5. As soon the burning process is completed, you can eject the flash drive and insert it into the locked computer or laptop.

6. Reboot the locked system and press F2, F8 or Del key to enter into boot menu options and choose the bootable driver name to load the UUkeys program.

7. UUkeys software will be loaded automatically on startup. Now, select the operating system that you are using and the locked username for which you wish to reset the password for.

8. Now, click on “Reset Password followed by “Reboot

9. You can now access your computer without using any password at all. How amazing is this, now you can sit back and relax.